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Hell's Kitchen takes creative re-fashion to another level, turning something discarded into something precious we love, full of enchanting stories to tell. Not just recycled, but 100% chic recycle.

Touch and feel the difference at BBBerlin Tradeshow (Airport Berlin Tempelhof, from 7th to 9th July Hangar Style Society, Booth ST 17.5). HK will be displaying its full Collection of enviromentally friendly "naturally" black accessories: bags and helmets that are the essence of beauty, personality and style.

The HK eco-fashion label is named in homage to Hell's Kitchen, the once ill-reputed area of NY City, now one of the coolest and trendiest spots in the metropolis.
Italian designer Marco Lai takes us to this fascinating and cosmopolitan place to celebrate the concept of transformation: "If a caterpillar can become a butterfly and piece of coal become a diamond, then trash can be turned into treasure... "

A metamorphosis of design that combines modern city style with craftsmanship and tradition: used inner tubes, car seatbelts and vintage shirts are born again as must-have urban chic fashion accessories.

Each bag is unique, made in Italy, upcycled: indisputably 100% chic recycle!

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